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7 Types of Ties One Should Wear to Look Modern Than Ever

Types of ties

A necktie can be defined as a piece of cloth that is often worn by men to compliment their outfits.

Whether we talk about office wear or party wear, types of ties have become one of the essential parts of our outfits in the recent past.

Different types of tie knots are usually worn by men, but on some occasions, women can also wear them. Imagine you are wearing a nice-looking and elegant suit, a pair of sexy shoes, an expensive watch, but not a tie? Obviously, a tie styles has to be there to complete your outfit. Check out this unique and stylish Cowboy string tie on Wallmart.

Neckties are supposed to wear over the top button, but one can also wear it on the collar button. Make them rest on the button and shelter them with your shirt’s collar.

Fun Fact: To make a quality silk tie, it requires roughly 100 silkworms.

There are many types of tie available, and this article will enable you to understand all different types of ties which are different from others, how and when to wear them.

How to tie a necktie?

You must be thinking how to tie a necktie, right? Well, here is a stepwise description on how to tie a perfect necktie:

  1. Make sure to start the process with the wide ends of your tie. Extend your wide end almost 8 inches right below the narrow part of your tie.
  2. Cross the wide end of your tie over your tie’s narrow end.
  3. After that, bring your tie’s wide end underneath your tie’s narrow end.
  4. Keep on doing the same step by your tie’s wide end underneath your tie’s narrow end.
  5. Use your tie’s loop to pull the wide end of your tie.
  6. Hold your knot gently, and allow your tie’s wider end to slip through the loop.
  7. Remover the finger, and start tightening the knot. When you are tightening the knot, make sure to create a dimple with the help of your index finger under your knot.

That’s how a tie must be tied.

Before we start, how about we let you know about the ideal length of a tie? Here is how long a tie should be:

The tie has to be just above your waistband if we talk about the ideal length of a tie. The pointed edges of your tie shouldn’t hang further than the middle of your belt’s bucket.

Amazing Fact: The most costly tie ever sold was worth $220,000. It was made of 271 expensive diamonds and 150 grams of 24-carat gold. The designer was an Indian, Satya Paul.

Now, we will discuss some of the most famous and unique type of neck tie one should wear on certain occasions to look like a gentleman.

1. Apron Tie

Apron Tie

One of the most common types of ties is the apron tie. One of the main features of this tie is that it has two pointed ends, but do you know the best part? Out of those two pointed ends, one is longer and wider as compared to the other one.

Another significant feature of this tie is, it can be tied into various knots. Apron tie falls under the formal setting, and one of the most famous knot designs for this tie is the Windsor knot, which was popularized by the Duke of Windsor.

Persian knot and simple four in hand knot are two other elegant looking knots of this tie style. One should wear them with formal outfits to give a voguish look.

A checkered shirt is the best shirt to wear an apron tie with. Apron ties come in almost all the shapes and sizes, and you can adjust the length of this tie according to your event’s requirement.

2. Ascot Tie

Ascot Tie

An ascot tie is one of the most unique and beautiful types of ties. The most entertaining part of this tie is, you can be worn under your dress shirt and over your undershirt.

Ascot tie is supposed to cover most part of your throat line right below the chin. As far as knot style is concerned, ascot tie can be knotted various times to give a classy look.

A scarf pin is often used to hold this tie in place. For any colorful event – nothing beats the class of an ascot tie.

It is recommended not to wear this tie in the workspace because these are considered as luxury wear. In terms of design, ascot ties are more colorful as compared to apron ties. Buy here

3. Bow Tie

Bow Tie

Out of all high-quality ties, bowties are most symmetrical in style. The size of the bow ties is much smaller than neckties.

The reason this particular tie is so popular these days is, it’s narrows in the middle but wide from both ends. Do you know why this tie was given the name “bowtie?” Because when both ends of this tie form together, they form a bow with a small knot right in the middle of this tie.

Fun Fact about Bow tie: The bow tie originates from the cravat. The cravat was worn by Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century and cravat is derived from the french word for Croatian.

Bowties are specifically used for some special events like celebrations, formal dinners, and etc. Do you want to make yourself look like a fashion statement by wearing this tie?

Well, try this tie style with tuxedos for an ultra-sexy look. Get Now

4. Cravat Tie

Cravat Tie

You can call cravat tie an ancestor of the latest necktie and bowtie. For the first time, this tie was worn by military members way back in the 17th century.

A cravat tie is more of a neckband rather than a proper tie because it covers the whole neck.

Whenever you are choosing a tie to cover your entire neck, always go for a cravat tie.  Do you know the best part of this tie?

Well, you can make one for yourself with the help of simple cloth. The cloth can be wrapped around your neck, and to get an even more voguish look, fashioned it into a bowtie.

It is suggested to use plain cravat tie because it is more of a sign of opulence than a usual unform. A cravat tie is a lot similar to an ascot tie.

5. Skinny Tie

Skinny Tie

The trend of skinny ties came wany back in the 50s and 60s. The bands of this tie look like beetles wearing them onstage.

For office wear, this style of the tie is still the preferable option out of different types of tie knots. One of the coolest things about this tie is, you can wear it with formal wear as well as casual wear.

The best way to compliment your casual dressing is by wearing a skinny tie over your jeans. Use a tie pattern of your choice, and present yourself as the latest fashion statement. Purchase

6. Bolo Ties

Bolo Tie

This particular tie type does have a historical background. Way back in 1971, it was the official neckwear of Arizona. After that, New Mexico and Texas also signed laws that bolo ties must be the official neckwear in our states.

In the recent past, bolo ties have made a stronger than ever comeback. A cord or braided leather is used along with metal tips at two ends. To secure this tie, make sure to use a clasp.

The best place to knot this tie is beneath the collar to cover your collar button. People with a unique fashion sense use this tie as a jewelry item. Do you like to know a fun fact?

Bolo ties can be made with the help of can or bottle openers, magnets of refrigerators, valuable coins, and etc.

Bolo ties are not suitable for a formal event, but for a casual event, they can be your best partner. Get it now

7. String Tie

String Tie

The best color you can choose for your string tie is the black color. Usually, the width of this tie is no more than an inch, and that’s why this tie was given the name “String Tie.”

Do you know how to wear this tie? Wear it the same way as you wear a bow tie, but make sure both ends hang lower and drop down to a suit’s lapel.

A string tie has so many names like southern colonel tie, bootlace tie, Sheriff’s tie, etc. Almost every one of us has seen the logo of KFC, aren’t we?

String tie became popular when featured in the KFC logo because it was worn by Colonel Sanders (the original founder of the KFC recipe).

Seven-Fold Tie

Seven Fold Tie

Sounds interesting? It really is. But you need to spend almost three and a half hours to make this tie knot. It’s a thin tie, and according to modern fashion trends, it has to be unlined.

The fabric of which this tie is made of goes through 7 folds to complete these neck tie patterns.

In some cases, you can increase the number of folds to get an ultra-voguish look. Because of so many folds and neck tie patterns, there have to be no lines on this tie.

Otherwise, the symmetry of this tie will be disturbed. Out of all tie types, the seven-fold tie is one of the rarest ones.

You won’t see this tie usually because it takes a lot of time to make it properly. Thick fabric is the most suitable fabric for this specific tie type because of the folds it has.

Interesting Info: Stripes on American ties go from the upper right to the base left, though British tie stripes run from the upper left to the base right.

This article ends here

Whether you’re looking for a tie that gives you the perfect gift or an enhancement to your outfit or something that reflects your personality, choose the one you like! With novelty, sports, college, and more choices, you will surely find the perfect tie! In addition, you can also buy a bulletproof tie! : P

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