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software development trendsSoftware development has emerged as a passionate industry over the years. It takes intense strategic planning and cutting-edge technology to keep your business alive else it would need you to do nothing and be left in the dust. However, there is no denial of the fact that software development trends in 2021 have changed rapidly even though the industry is changing for the last entire decade. The most exciting part about these changes is that most of them are oriented towards the building of customer experience.

AI & Machine Learning

Though AI and machine learning are nothing new to the software development industry, they certainly hold great value to the future. Even if the software development is on a large scale or small scale, two things that are necessary to achieve is to develop software that is adaptable and intelligent. Also, if the software is learning at all times, the chances become fair that they would get more adaptable.

Actually, the reason behind the intense use of AI and machine learning is improved efficiency and better user experience. This simply means the higher the use of AI, the higher the will be information processed and utilized. It is the only trend in the software development industry that has a huge scope for lifting the businesses along with the reduction of expenses.


If we would have been talking about this term a few years ago, most of us may find them unfamiliar with it. However, the moment terms like cryptocurrencies and bitcoin hit the world, the idea of blockchain started making the headlines. This is very natural as there is nothing more interesting than money that can catch the public’s attention.

Blockchain is designed to work on an intense amount of data considering the future aspects of cloud distribution along with geographical data centers. Moreover, it can help the users to ensure complete privacy and security making it an efficient choice to uplift the global markets.


In the coming years, there are many software development trends that will collaborate to deliver a more enhanced software development environment. Though you may be familiar with automation and DevOps, the upcoming times may bring these together with learned information that would come from machine learning and AI. moreover, a big-time use of automation and DevOps with concepts of machine learning and AI would be seen in testing taking a better aim towards automation reducing stress over the manual process.

Replatforming For Modernization

We are living in an era of technology where every single day brings something new and interesting for tech geeks. Therefore, it becomes very natural to have applications running out of play because of an outdated choice of platform. Thus, it can be counted as more of a need to upgrade the applications to better and more reliable platforms chasing the modernization goals.

Moreover, the idea of re-platforming is always a better pick for modernization as it helps you to take your application to the cloud and then do some changes in up versioning and autoscaling. Also, the idea of replatforming would be to preserve the functionality of the application.


In order to reduce the pressure and provide more agile solutions to people, most of the business these days are shifting to monolithic applications which aims to deliver greater functionality. The trend has caught the fire after some industries have had a successful experience with migration. So, if you are searching for something that can help you resist faults and quicker deployment, microservices becomes necessary to aim for.

Progressive Web Applications

PWA has been introduced in the year 2015, but most of us get confused with the term PWA or progressive web applications as they are designed to work as both the mobile app and website app. Every PWA should have three main features to work on i.e. it should run on HTTPS, a service worker, and it should include a web app manifest.

These web applications work to deliver functionality similar to mobile apps but provide the same unified and cohesive web experience. So, the year 2021 would show an intense focus on PWAs constructing higher user engagement and a better app experience.


The introduction of IoT has become a prominent reason why cybersecurity has become a vital trend to be worked within software development. In order to attain comprehensive protection, it has become essential to aim for something that not only deters the existing threats but also delivers security for the future. It is crucial to avoid data loss that can find its way through breaches that may even possess financial risks. Actually, cybersecurity is something that is very closely related to software development as creative development cannot not only help prevent data loss but also foster cybersecurity goals.


Demand for tech talent has been on the rise and for this reason, there has been a wide shift for outsourcing the software development needs. Though it is essential that every project related to software technology build-up should be worked with extensive care to avoid any errors or failures. Even if outsourcing to a software development company is very affordable and convenient, it is very necessary to check all the essential factors that could affect the results on completion.


IoT is just about ever-increasing dependency on the internet for making every day-to-day task smooth and hassle-free. From finding the recipe of your favorite Latin dish to taking control of your electronic appliances, IoT gives you command over everything. IoT is something that comes as a mixture of internet connectivity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Therefore, it is becoming a need of every business and a trending feature to adopt in software development.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a combination of physical realities combined with the digital world. A good example of understanding the mixed reality could be online shopping where you can get to see the virtual image of the product you purchase for home improvement. Moreover, you can also get to find the same with the eCommerce website which deals in clothes or accessories like eyewear. Mixed reality has great potential in the year 2021 as well as upcoming years because of the value it can provide with conversions.

Final Words

All in all, it is very important to pay attention to emerging trends in software development. Working on these trends can not just help with making adjustments to your business but also achieving the standards of the industry. So, if you want your business to align with customer needs and sustain your position as the industry leader, make sure you never forget to consider these Software Development Trends in 2021. All the best!

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