How to Wash Rothys? Washing Instrustions With Complete Care

How to wash rothys

In a time when everyone is concerned about environmental preservation, recycled goods are selling like hotcakes. Rothy’s are also becoming popular because they are made of recycled plastic.

There is another reason behind the popularity of Rothy’s and it is their durability. They are made of plastic and thus, are waterproof. This protection from water prolongs their life and durability.

Your shoes are the first thing people tend to notice, especially, if you are meeting them for the first time. So, a shiny, clean pair of shoes will not only make you comfortable but will elevate your first impression on people. However, after long time usage, these shoes obviously get dirty. Washing them properly is a question that bothers most of us since no one of us wants to lose their favorite pair of shoes due to lack of maintenance.

This article answers all of your queries regarding the washing process of your favorite pair of Rothy’s along with general queries regarding their maintenance.

Speed up the process!

Speed up the process!

Doing everything by hand is such an old dated habit. Use a washing machine to give a quick, hassle-free cleanse to your Rothy’s. But throwing them in the washer without following any particular steps will result in a disaster. Here is our way to use the washing machine for washing Rothy’s and it is a tried and tested method.

Get the Inside Out!

Rothy’s come with easily detachable insoles so, remove them before the washing process. This step is necessary to ensure that all the dirt build-ups go away and you have thoroughly clean shoes. Don’t worry! You don’t need any fancy tools or extra help to remove these insoles. Just use your nails to take out the insoles from the side of the heel.

The Real Job

Now, put your shoes and insoles in the washing machine. Use cold water because plastic can lose shape and color with warm or hot water. Moreover, hot water can ruin the texture of your shoes too since plastic is a bad heat conductor.

Washing only your shoes and insoles as the load in the washing machine is not a good idea because your shoes can hit the washer’s walls. Putting any soft clothing item like a towel, cotton pillow, or a shirt will rub your shoes in the washer and work as a cushion against the hard inner surface of the washer. Although, the best option is a Washing Bag mainly used in the washing machine to protect your shoes.

                           footwear wash bagwash bag

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Similarly, putting your Rothy’s along with a heavy load of clothes will also not give you good results. Too many clothes will hide your shoes and keep them from a thorough cleanse.

Handle with Care!

You need to take care of the washing products you intend to use for washing these Rothy’s too. As the high temperature of the water can damage your Rothy’s, the wrong detergent can be even more harmful. Plastic never gets in-depth dirty, so, you don’t need extra harsh soaps or detergents to clean your Rothy’s.

Try to use mild detergents with no bleach or cloth conditioners. You may like to have baby clothes’ detergent or silk clothes detergents because they contain gentle ingredients and give a nice cleanse to your Rothy’s.

Along with that, setting the washing machine on a delicate spin cycle is our suggestion to avoid any unnecessary tossing in the washer. You should use the delicate clothes setting again if your shoes are not clean properly instead of increasing the speed.

How do I Handwash my Rothy’s?

How do I Handwash my Rothys

If you prefer hand wash your Rothy’s, it is also a super-easy process. The selection of detergent will remain the same as will be the temperature of the water. Take a small tub and put some water with room temperature in it. Now add some mild detergent and soak your shoes in the mixture of detergent and water. Don’t forget to separate the insoles from the shoes for quicker and better cleaning.

After a while, take a brush with soft bristles and clean out any residues or mud from the shoes. Take special care of the joining area between upper and sole. Toes also need some extra attention as well as the inside of toes. If you don’t have an appropriate brush, use an old towel or washing cloth. You may also use a sponge to gently rub out the dust and other built-ups from the shoes.

Rinse out the shoes with cold water and put them for drying. The drying process is the same whether you wash your shoes Remember that cold water means room temperature as cold water can make your Rothy’s extra stiff and hard along with making them shapeless.

How do I dry my Rothy’s?

How do I dry my Rothys

Just like the washing process, the drying up of Rothy’s also requires extra gentle care. Heat is bad for plastic, which is the basic material for these shoes. So, never ever use a spin dryer to dry your Rothy’s quickly. Instead, always wash them when you have enough time to wait. The heat and spinning process of a clothes dryer can damage your shoes badly.

If you have to wear your Rothy’s every day, better wash them in the night because it takes approximately eight hours for them to dry up.

Eight hours is the estimated time your shoes take for drying up. This is because the knit material dries up quickly and plastic material does not absorb any water, unlike canvas or leather.

The best way is to hang your shoes on a washing line using cloth clips. The drying process further depends on the weather conditions of your living area. If the humidity is higher in your locality, it may take more than eight hours to dry your pair of Rothy’s completely. However, the areas with lower humidity or during summer, the drying up time decreases to a great extent.

Moreover, make sure that you strain all the water from your rothy’s before putting them to dry. Use a paper towel or some absorbent cotton cloth to wipe off extra water to accelerate the drying up process.

Keep the Parts Separate

Always dry the insoles and shoes separately as we suggested in the washing process. Keeping the insoles inside the shoes will block water inside and consequently, your shoes will take more time to dry. So, hang the shoes and the insoles after washing for a faster drying process.

Get Them Back to the Place

After insoles and shoes are completely dried up, put the insoles back inside the shoes. Again, like taking them off, you don’t need any extra effort to put the insoles back. Hold your Rothy’s right in the middle and give them an inward curve. This will provide you more space to slide your fingers for a better adjustment of eth insoles. Now place the insole while adjusting the toe side before the heel side.

How do I Get Rid of Rothy’s Odor?

Deodorizing your Rothy’s is always a good idea since you keep them wearing in dusty, sweaty areas. This step is particularly necessary if you are an athlete or have too sweaty feet. Sometimes when in a hurry, this deodorizing can be the best alternate of washing procedure.

Take a small amount of baking soda and sprinkle it inside your shoes. Leave the shoes preferably in an open area overnight. You may add fresh mint or lavender essential oil with baking soda for a more refreshing experience. Tea tree oil is also a good option if you sweat a lot and want protection against fungus or bacteria in your feet.

However, if you do this deodorizing process after washing, it will give you a luxurious feel. Using antibacterial agents like tea tree oil keeps your feet healthy if you wear your shoes for a longer period.

Cleaning in the bits

While dining or during a party, if some drink or gravy gives your Rothy’s a stain, there is no need to wash the entire shoe. You may put some liquid soap on the stain using a cotton ball or toothbrush. Wait for a while and clean out the soap using a damp cloth. Leave the shoes for drying and you are good to go. We suggest you put a paper towel or rough cotton cloth inside the shoe to keep it from getting wet.

Consider Replacement

After daily usage and wear and tear caused by washing frequently, sometimes your insoles get too frayed. Spend some money on replacing the insoles instead of buying new shoes. This is the perk you enjoy while buying shoes that have detachable insoles as in Rothy’s. Sometimes, you get an extra pair of insoles while purchasing your shoes. This is a blessing which gives your shoes a longer life span without being heavy on your pocket.

Ending Words

In short, clean shoes are very important for our overall appearance and Rothy’s are very easy to clean and maintain. Just follow a few cautions and you can wash them up at home without any special tools or efforts. Just be gentle, use mild soaps and detergents. Also, keep your Rothy’s away from heat and you are ready to enjoy a walk down the town or a lazy stroll in the nearby park.

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