16 Best Baby Walker for Your Little Angel – Parents Love to Buy

Best Baby Walker


Baby walkers are supportive tools to help your children while learning how to walk. They come with various toys as built-in features to keep the child engaged. They are available in plastic and wood as the material. You may find endless options online and in stores when you try to find the best baby walker for your loved one.

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Why Should You Buy Baby Walkers?

Baby walkers are a great help in the form of learning to walk toys. It is impossible for the working parents to give enough practice of walking to their toddlers after long hours of work. This is where these toys help baby walk pitch in.

You can rely on these walkers to help your baby learn how to stand and walk because they provide full support. Your baby is safe while trying to stand or walk with these walkers because they have designs that ensure with maximum possible security of your child.

Are These Walkers Really Helpful? 

Many people keep debating whether these cool baby walkers are good or bad? According to a huge number of parents, these best baby walkers are useful as toys and as a support to teach their kids how to stand and walk properly.

Walkers are helpful

Their material is child-friendly and their designs are appealing to the children. Moreover, they save the parents’ time while helping the children in walking. So, yes, these walkers are good for your child.

We Are Here To Help!

When you as a parent go to the market to buy a cool baby walker for your toddler, it’s hard to choose from a huge range of tools available there. The same is the condition if you try online shopping.

However, we have brought you a compilation of 16 best baby walker available online. This review is different from others since it contains only the suitable and friendly options. So, this problem ends with our list of products below. We hope you find this baby walkers review very useful to select the best for your kid.

Top Rated Best Baby Walker List

1. VTech Learning Walker


VTech Learning Walker

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  • Simple, frustration-free packaging
  • Bright, catchy colors
  • Removable play panel
  • Suitable for hard and carpeted floor
  • A range of musical and other toys


This interactive model of baby walkers is one of the best toys to help baby stand. It comes in a plain brown packaging which you may call “frustration-free” packaging.  It is easy to remove without any specific gadget.

This model is very colorful so the kids find it highly attractive. It is available in bright red, yellow, green, and blue.  You can remove the play panel for cleaning or if your child is not in the mood to play with it.

This outdoor baby walker is the best choice for using indoor also. You may use it on wooden, marble, or cement floor and it gives you a smooth running on carpeted areas as well. Moreover, this best walker for baby contains a pretend telephone set and five piano keys to boost the creativity of the little kids.

Along with that, your baby gets to strengthen his sensory development with a range of songs available with this model. These songs include seventy songs to sing-along, sound effects, and music for the sensory development of your child.

This best walker for baby is suitable for kids of nine months to three years old. You can easily assemble it

  • Interactive
  • Colorful
  • Removable play panel
  • Toys to develop motor skills of your child
  • Runs smoothly on floor and carpet
  • Built-in pretend phone and piano keys
  • Wheels have only two settings

2. LeapFrog 3 in 1 walker

LeapFrog 3 in 1 walker

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  • Speed control with full adjustment to various levels
  • Light-up activity panel
  • Interactive features to develop fine motor and sensory skills of the child
  • Customized wheels
  • Battery operated


The perfect speed control is the most prominent feature of this model. You can adjust the speed of this walker to five different levels as the requirements and age of your child. This way, it prevents sudden falling down and injuries and provides a safe experience to your loved ones.

It comes in a frustration-free, simple packaging which is easy to remove. You may convert it into a light-up activity corner using its activity panel which changes six different colors.

Along with that, it turns into a perfect gym for your baby with a number of dangling toys as the built-in feature for it.

The vast range of sound effects, melodies, and music lets your kids develop his sensory skills in the finest way. You can use this walker to introduce your kid to letters, shapes, colors, and numbers.

This model in the list of best baby walker has amazing interactive features like bead spinner, five piano keys, dangling toys, and a pretend toy phone.

This baby walker is battery operated and you can buy it for the kids between nine months to three years.

  • Melodies and sound effects
  • Unique sensory-motor development
  • Transformable from the baby gym to the walker
  • Speed control
  • Built-in dangling toys
  • The battery compartment may need frequent fixing

3. VTech Amazon Exclusive Baby Walker

VTech Amazon Exclusive Baby Walker

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  • Three-in-one operation
  • Fully equipped activity panel
  • Light-up button for sounds, letters, and phrases
  • Comes with roller bar, sliding car, an adjustable mirror
  • Frustration free packaging
  • Adjustable speed
  • Battery operated


This three in one walker is the best baby walker for growing children. You can use it either as a ride-on, a walker, or an activity panel to keep your child productively engaged.

Its activity panel is equipped with a full-fledge driving seat all set up with a gear shifter, a steering wheel, and light-up buttons. This set up of activity panel is perfect for introducing your child to learn letters and sounds. This activity panel further offers your child phrases, letters, more than sixty songs, and melodies. Together, all these features are the complete sensory-motor development package for your dear one.

Moreover, you may incorporate sliding cars, roller bars, and adjustable mirror features to boost manipulative play. You can have complete control over the speed of this walker to adjust it with the growth of your child. This speed element keeps your child safe from any accident due to over-speeding of the walker.

You need to use AA batteries to operate this baby walker and children from the age group between nine months to three years.

  • Simple packaging
  • Suitable for growing children
  • Can teach sounds, letters, and phrases
  • Fully controlled speed
  • Highly interactive
  • Needs support while using the stand-up option

4. Kolcraft Baby & Infant Activity Walker

Kolcraft Baby & Infant Activity Walker

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  • Gender-neutral
  • Adjustable height
  • Fun activities and toys as built-in features
  • Portability
  • Easy to clean
  • Two in one
  • One year warranty


This baby walker 2 in 1 can convert into a seated walker and a walk-behind support very easily. You may use it for your infants and babies as they grow without having the need to buy a new walker for every stage. Moreover, the height is adjustable which you can set up according to your child.

This walker offers you smooth maneuvering with its friction-resistance pads. This interactive walker is gender-neutral and you can use it for both girls and boys.

Portability is another prominent feature in this model. You can fold it to store in your car or in the cupboard. So if you are a working mother and need to drop your child at daycare every day, Kolcraft activity walker is the best option for you.

Cleanliness is a very important aspect when it comes to your child’s health and wellbeing. This walker is super easy to clean with its machine-washable seat pads. You may use soap or detergent to wash the plastic parts.

The beautiful design of this walker makes it an ideal choice for gifts on the baby registry, birthdays, and baby showers. It contains many interactive toys and features to introduce your child to basic sounds, letters, and colors.

The manufacturer offers 1 year warranty with an acceptable customer care service. It easily supports the kids with a weight between 15 to 26 lbs.

  • 1-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Suitable for both girls and boys
  • Built-in toys
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Simple cleaning requirements
  • Height adjustability
  • After-sales customer care services
  • Not suitable for too heavy babies

5. Melissa & Dough Alligator Push Walker

Melissa & Dough Alligator Push Walker

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  • Simple, frustration-free packaging
  • Bright, catchy colors
  • Removable play panel
  • Suitable for hard and carpeted floor
  • A range of musical and other toys


This alligator shaped is the best baby push walker due to its design and simplicity. If you are always looking for baby-safe or natural materials, this is your ideal pick. This walker is made up of wooden material and completely free of toxic plastics or artificial materials. Along with that, has robustly built for safety and reliability.

With bright primary colors, the wooden baby walker has a fish on its wheels as embellishment. Moreover, it has ladybug and spinning butterfly beads along with three chomping alligators. These toys make it a popular choice among the parents to keep their kids engaged. It helps to provide the best healthier alternative for screen gadgets.

Kids find it very appealing and exciting because it makes a pleasant crackling sound when they move it. Since it requires hand and eye coordination, it is an ideal choice to groom the fine motor skills of your child.

However, there is no support for the children as they move the walker or stand with his help. In addition, there is no speed control available within it.

  • Eye-catching colors and design
  • Best alternative for screen time
  • Built-in toys
  • Robust body for maximum possible durability
  • Natural material meeting the safety requirements
  • Responsive customer care service
  • Safety issues due to lack support
  • No speed control

6. Fisherprice Jumperoo Jungle Themed Baby Walker

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

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  • Durability
  • Easy assembling
  • Sounds, music and lights working with baby’s movement
  • Safe for kids
  • Built-in toys
  • Three levels height adjustability
  • Easy to clean


This jumper walker combo makes you like itself right from when you receive it. You get it in a simple brown package which is easy to remove without any fuss. This packaging is guilt-free since you can recycle it as and when you want. The jungle theme in bright eye-catching colors gives you and your baby an energetic feeling.

It gives out sounds and music along with exciting lights as many times as your baby jumps to encourage the activity. This feature makes it one of the highest engaging toys. The lush-colored jungle animal toys come in peek-a-boo tiger, rattle lizard, bat-at monkey make this walker a heart-favorite among the mothers and the kids alike.

This jumper walker combo allows 360 degrees movement to your child while playing. You can assemble it easily without any help or fancy tools.

Cleaning of this beautiful baby jumper and walker combo is a piece of cake. You can machine wash and dry the seat pads easily. Normal soap, detergent, and water are enough to clean the plastic parts or you can wipe them off with a damp cloth.

However, the walker is not suitable for too chubby or over-weight babies due to its limited weight capacity.

  • Robust frame for durability
  • Machine-washable seat pads
  • Dryer safe, super comfort seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Range of animal shaped toys for maximum engagement
  • Covered springs for maximum safety
  • No requirements of doorway
  • Not suitable for chubby babies due to limited weight capacity

7. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper with Lights and Melodies

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

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  • Foreign language development
  • More than 600 five star reviews
  • 12 built-in interactive activities
  • Adjustable height
  • 360-degree seat rotation
  • Combination of jumper and walker


With more than six hundred 5 star reviews, this cool jumper walker combo offers your baby a range of twelve interactive activities. Your child gets to develop sensory-motor skills with these games using sounds and music. The colorful design is what makes it a child-friendly play item.

The jumper literally grows with your baby as you can adjust its height up to five levels. This is why these are the best for tall babies. This adjustment is simple to do and you don’t require any specific tools or professional help for it. Moms can do it with love!

The best and unique feature of this Activity Jumper is that it introduces three languages including French and Spanish. Your baby can enjoy the play to the fullest since it allows a 360ndegrees, full circle movement.

You don’t need to worry about the cleanliness because it is easy. Use a damp cloth to wipe the toys and other parts. The seat cover is very easy to wash in the machine and you can use the dryer on it also.

However, this activity jumper is not suitable if your baby is a bit heavier or overweight.

  • Unique feature of promoting three foreign languages ( French, Spanish and English)
  • Full circle, 360 degree rotation
  • Height adjustability to five levels
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fully covered packaging
  • Twelve built-in interactive games to develop sensory-motor skills
  • Not suitable for over-weight babies

8. Small Foot Wooden Toys Wooden Baby Walker and Play Center

Small Foot Wooden Toys

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  • Combination of walker and play center
  • Natural wooden material
  • Water-based, non-toxic paint
  • Exclusive design
  • Rounded edges for maximum safety
  • Beautiful packaging for gifting


This walker is part of our list of best baby walker due to its unique design. It is an amazing combination of play centers and walkers. It comes with built-in toys and keeps your child engaged for longer periods.

The designs reflect the company’s vast experience in toy designing. The pastel colors seem very cool while complimenting the design. This walker has 100% natural wooden material which is safe for toddlers. Moreover, the paints used are completely non-toxic and children safe.

These best walkers for babies are suitable for children up to the age of one year. You may use it as a gift for different occasions because it comes in colorful packaging.

However, there is no support available for the child and no speed control available while moving. This aspect may create safety issues but the company allows these walkers only for the children of 12 months of age. This is the age when the kids can stand without any support.

  • Five-in-one play center
  • 100% Organic wooden material
  • Children-safe, non-toxic material
  • Exclusive design with vast experience in toy designing
  • Smooth, rounded edges to avoid injuries
  • Walker and play center combined
  • No support while moving

9. Bright Star Shop ‘n Cook Baby Walker

Bright Star Shop ‘n Cook Baby Walker

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  • Four modes of play
  • 2-IN-One shopping cart and cooktop
  • Stand and play combination
  • Easy assembling
  • Real cooking sounds
  • Popcorn popping with baby’s movement
  • Light-up button
  • Shape sorter


This amazing outdoor baby walker has many unique features. It grows with your baby as you can convert it onto sitting, stand, push, and walk behind modes. Your kid is always engaged with this wonderful walker without boredom because it can convert itself into a cooktop or a shopping cart.

The real-life sizzling sounds while pressing buttons give your child an exclusive experience to develop his sensory skills. The cooking top is easily removable so that you could convert it into a shopping cart. The light-up button further adds to its appeal for your toddler.

Suitable for children age between 6 to 36 months. This comparatively longer usage suitability offers you the best value of your money. There is full support available for your child whether he sits, stands, pushes, or walks behind this super cool walker.

  • Combination of stand up and walker activity
  • Can convert into a shopping cart or cooking top
  • Sensory-motor training through real-life sounds and light-up buttons
  • Sizzling and popping cooking sounds
  • Push and walk behind options
  • Detachable cooking top
  • Safety issues due to easily detachable cooking top

10. Safety 1st Walker, Hi-Fi

Safety 1st Walker

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  • Multiple growth activities for your child
  • 3 built-in toys
  • Exclusively designed for girls
  • Wide-based design to offer maximum stability
  • Easy to clean
  • Super comfy with padded seat
  • Crevice free, smooth activity tray
  • 12 attractive songs
  • Flashing light


This cool outdoor baby walker is a unique choice for your baby girls. However, baby boys can also use it pretty comfortably. It comes with three built toys along with multiple activities. The level of your child’s engagement goes even higher with the twelve catchy songs.  Moreover, the flashlight is another attraction for your little angel.

The walker has a wide, round base to provide maximum support and to ensure safety. Your child enjoys a comfortable sitting experience even if you leave them for long hours in the walker due to padded seats.

The walker has a crevice-free smooth activity tray to avoid any scratches or injury. You can easily clean this tray by wiping it with a wet piece of cloth. Along with that, cleaning the seat is also very simple. You can machine wash it like other clothing items and dry it in your dryer machine.

This beautiful walker can accommodate children with weight up to 26 pounds. However, it does not offer any height adjustability according to the height of your baby. So, have a detailed look at the dimensions of this walker if your baby has an exceptional height or weight before purchasing.

  • A range of developmental activities
  • Twelve appealing songs
  • Flashing light for maximum engagement of your child
  • Easy to wipe activity tray
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Machine washable seat
  • No height adjustability

 11. Baby Einstein Friends and Caterpillar Discovery Walker

Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker

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  • Sturdy platform
  • Gender-neutral
  • Built-in toys
  • Engaging play and activity station
  • Detachable activity station for floor play
  • Adjustable height
  • Extra support through high seatback
  • Easy assembling
  • Easy to clean


This unisex cool baby walker is a part of our best baby walker because of its exclusive features. It comes in bright colors with an attractive caterpillar and bird-shaped toys for maximum engagement of your child. It promotes independent learning with its premium support. The activity station is highly interactive and you can remove it to use for floor play when your child is outside the walker.

Your child gets a super-comfy experience with height adjustability. There are three levels and you can choose whichever suits your child the best. The high seat back further enhances the extreme comfort for your little angel.

Maintenance and cleaning are also super easy. Remove the tray to wash it or wipe it with a wet cloth. The seat is machine washable with no need for extra effort and time. Similarly, the assembling also does not require any specific skills, tools, or efforts. The moms can do it very easily for their babies.

However, this model does not offer any portability and thus, you cannot store it in compact places.

  • Suitable for both girls and boys
  • Removable activity station
  • Three levels height adjustability
  • Extra comfort through extra support of high seatback
  • Simple assembling
  • Machine washable seat pads
  • Stable platform
  • Storage issues

12. YBIKE Pewi Walking & Ride On Toy

YBIKE Pewi Walking & Ride On Toy

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  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor play
  • Multiple operations
  • Versatile design
  • Durability
  • Award-winning design
  • Development of motor and cognitive skills
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • Caster wheels with


This unique walker is the best option among the walkers for tall babies. You can use it confidently both indoor and outdoor if the surfaces are not very rough. It offers you multiple functions including riding, sitting, and pushing along with working as a support for walking. This way, it keeps growing as your child grows without making you buy new walking support at every stage.

The award-winning design of this walker allows your child to enjoy himself while developing his cognitive and motor skills. The child learns to develop walking independently and confidently while using this unique riding toy.

Instead of typical plastic, this exclusive walker comes with an aluminum frame for the ultimate durability. An easy-grip handle and padded, molded plastic seat add to the comfort level of your little one. Moreover, free movement is another feature of this wonderful model with the leg clearance feature.

You can use it for your children of age from 9 to 36 months. Although a solid frame provides maximum safety balance issues sometimes need addressing and adult supervision while your child is inside the walker.

  • 360 degrees operation
  • Can be used outdoor and indoor comfortably
  • Durability
  • Offers sitting, standing, riding and pushing functions
  • Padded, a molded plastic seat for extreme comfort
  • Non-marking wheels
  • Robust, light-weight aluminum frame
  • Stability issues

13. Cossy Wooden Toddler Baby Walker

Cossy Wooden Toddler Baby Walker

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  • Attractive design
  • Organic, wooden material
  • Development of sensory-motor skills of your child
  • Environment-friendly wheels
  • Engaging built-in toys
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Sustainable sources


If you are a conscious mother who is worried about sustainability and other environmental issues, this walker is the best pick for you. It comprises of natural wooden material from sustainable sources. Even the colorful paint of this walker is non-toxic and thus, ensures the maximum safety of your child.

You need not worry about your floor while your child moves around. This walker comes with rubber-trimmed wheels to keep your floor safe from any possible marks or other types of damage.

The highly engaging activity front area is a unique feature that ensures the cognitive, sensory, and motor development of your child. Colorful beads and eye-catching toys make it the main attraction for your child.

You can use it for a baby of 18 months because it does not offer any support while standing up and there is no speed control available.

  • Engaging built-in toys
  • Attractive colors
  • Full of interactive activities
  • Child-safe, non-toxic paint
  • Floor protecting, rubber-trimmed wheels
  • Lack of support
  • No speed control

14. FORSTART Learning Walker

FORSTART Learning Walker

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  • Simple, frustration-free packaging
  • Bright, catchy colors
  • Removable play panel
  • Suitable for hard and carpeted floor
  • A range of musical and other toys


This is one of the best baby walker you could ever put your hands on. The foremost uniqueness of this model of walkers is that it offers Weight Bottle to provide the premium balance. You may fill some sand or water in the weight bottle to make the walker more stable.

Other than that, the wheels are also made up of rubber with rear wheels coming with a brake adjustment system.  These wheels provide a firm grip and keep the walker moving on carpet or wooden and marble floor.  Moreover, the firm wheel grip and brake system are enough to give your little one the speed safety.

You get a complete early year development activity area. This activity area has five piano keys, a guitar, a ball, and many other toys.  All of these toys inspire your child to develop sensory-motor and cognitive skills while being independent.

You don’t need to worry about the material of this walker since it is approved by European EN71 and U.S. ASTM toy standards.  Moreover, it is non-toxic ABS plastic which is non-BPA safe.

This beautiful walker makes a valuable gift for baby shower, birthday, or any other occasion. The multiple operations make it a suitable choice for the parents of growing children.

  • Stable and well-balanced with exclusive weight bottle
  • Three in one operation
  • Suitable for wooden and carpeted floors
  • BPA safe and non-toxic plastic as the material
  • Built-in toys
  • A complete early years learning center
  • Best choice for gifts
  • Small pieces may fall apart to cause a choking hazard

15.  Playgro Dragon Walker

Playgro Dragon Walker

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  • Gender-neutral
  • No batteries required
  • Safety brake system
  • Extra support with large handle
  • Interactive play panel
  • Educational toys designed according to STEM
  • Attractive dragon shape for maximum engagement
  • Bright colors


The reason to include this model in our list is that it offers unique educational features to your growing child. Your tiny tot will learn through toys designed in the STEM learning approach. This STEM educational design allows your baby to develop his cognitive and sensory-motor skills as per various educational stages.

This best baby walker comes with a bigger, sturdy handle to provide a safe, firm grip to your child. The safety brake system further ensures the safety of your child while moving along with this walker. So, from the safety aspect, this walker is the best.

This amazing activity walker comes with a range of toys including a twirly whirly and three colored balls. These basic toys help your child enjoy so many interactive activities to develop fine motor skills.

You get complete guidelines on the packaging about the age range of each piece of this model as per the STEM. There is no need to ask for help while buying since all the details are mentioned on the packaging.

  • Exclusive STEM learning for your child while playing
  • Brake system for extra safety
  • Maximum support for your child while standing with larger handle with firm grip
  • Unisex
  • Three colored balls and a twirly whirly in the activity area
  • Detachable activity area
  • Not suitable for hard wooden floors

16. Cossy Wooden Learning Walker

Cossy Wooden Learning Walker

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  • Eye-catching design
  • Bright colors
  • Rubber-trimmed, floor-protecting wheels
  • Built-in building blocks
  • Sustainable sources
  • Suitable for children of age 12months or more
  • Non-toxic organic material
  • Engaging play area


This all-natural, non-toxic outdoor baby walker is great support for a child while learning how to walk. All the material for this walker comes from sustainable sources and you don’t need to worry about any danger caused by the manufacturing material.

Instead of other toys, this walker contains building blocks to engage the child in the activity area. Building blocks are known to develop manipulative, creative, and independent play among the children while promoting fine-motor skills. This way, your little angel will get to learn indirectly while being busy in playing.

This model is suitable for children of 12 months of age since it does not provide any extra support to stand up. There is no brake system available with this walker so you need to be around your kid while he is enjoying his play.

  • Building blocks in the activity area for developing imagination and creativity
  • Rubber-trimmed wheels to protect floors against any possible damage
  • Attractive design
  • Appealing, bright colors
  • Non-toxic, child-safe, natural wooden material from sustainable sources
  • Stability issues

What to look for when buying a baby walker?

Along with the above-mentioned models of the best baby walker, you may find any other model according to your requirements. You may like to check this interesting Push and Pull if you want something different.

Baby Enjoying Push And Pull

The following are some general aspects you must consider while purchasing a baby walker for your toddler.


There are thousands of options in baby walkers available online and in stores ranging from really cheap to high-end. You must consider the budget to be specific regarding your pick in best baby walker. You may look for promotional campaigns or discount offers too for a relatively lower price of a good item. There are chances that you find the product at a cheaper price.

Market survey

It is very important to know about all the options available before you purchase a baby walker. Since your baby will be in close proximity to the walker and you are paying a reasonable amount of money to buy it, don’t be a pressure or panic shopper.

Go through baby walker reviews if you plan to buy online. Ask the opinions and experiences of other parents in your social circle. Look for the sellers who offer you the best features at a lower price.


The kids who use walkers to stand and walk are usually within the age range of nine months to three years. These kids cannot take care of their safety so, you, as a parent must look for this feature or settings in the walker.

Look for any sharp edges or pointed areas as they may be dangerous for kids when they struggle to stand up or move. The grip must be firm and provide an ample amount of friction to prevent slipping and falling down.


The kids use the walkers as the support to walk on the floor. This way, it is in direct contact with dirt, germs, and other types of unwanted stuff.  On the other hand, this dirt and mess can reach your kid directly from the walker.

Select a walker that is easy to clean at home using household items. Walkers that require fancy cleaning procedures are not suitable for everyone.  Pick the walker that requires soap, or detergent along with water to get cleaned.


Since these best baby walkers work as support for your child to help to learn to walk, they themselves must be strong enough to support the toddlers. Since you spend a reasonable amount of money for purchasing baby walker, they must last long enough to return the best value of your money.

Check the materials used in manufacturing and the fixing to see if it is durable enough. This is an important consideration because the breaking or falling apart pieces of the walker can injure your child.


The above-mentioned list of 16 best baby walkers is enough to help you decide the best toys to help baby walk. However, you must keep your and your baby’s individual needs in mind while selecting. There is no need to buy what is trending, but you should buy according to your needs.

There are no hard and fast rules that some specific products will suit your baby the best so think carefully before purchasing a baby walker.  You may seek advice from some experienced parents in this regard also.

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